A distant place

In the language of Pataxós, Corumbau means 'a distant place'. Distant, BUT only a step away from paradise.

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In 1500, when Portuguese navigators reached Brazilian coast, the first land point spotted by them was the majestic mountain covered by the Atlantic rainforest, later named “Pascoal Mountain”. At Corumbau point, 6km far from the Corumbau Bed and Breakfast. A tip of sand that reaches the turquoise sea waters and emerge as the new paradise space for the travelers and nature lovers, it shows what is the most beautiful in a mixture of beaches, coconut trees, mangroves, rivers and coral reef seas, everything in the most perfect harmony. There is also a fishing village, Pataxós Indigenous village and the Monte Pascoal National Park.

The “Pousada”

The “pousada” has a ‘Home Hotel’ style. We want you to feel like at your beach house, but with all the comfort and facilities of a hotel. A “pousada” where every detail is carefully observed in order to make your stay the best possible.

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Sightseeing Tours

Cumuruxatiba Village
“Where time has no hurries and laziness is so nice”.It is a fishing village which receives visitors from all over the world.

Praia do Salgado (Salgado Beach)
Praia do Salgado (Salgado Beach)
Salgado is the first space sand cliff point and rocks where a small river flows out to the sea.

Mergulho nos Recifes dos Itacolomis
A Dive in the Itacolomis Reefs
Second largest living coral reefs from Bahia.

Aldeia dos Índios Pataxós
Pataxós Indian Village
Where you can buy the typical handicrafts. The tour can be made on foot along the beach.

Tour to Caraíva village
Tour to Caraíva village
Caraíva is a fishing village. The tour is made by schooner entering the river mouth; the village offers a breathtaking view to the visitors.

Cahy River-Historical Monument of the Discovery of Brazil
Cahy River-Historical Monument of the Discovery of Brazil
9 kilometers of wild beautiful beaches until Cahyriver where a cross was erected in honor of the Portuguese settlers.

Monte Pascoal National Park
Monte Pascoal National Park
Established in 1961, the Park is home to a Pataxós Indigenous Reserve in an area of 22.500 acres besides the last original stretches of road to original Atlantic Rainforest.

Observação das Baleias Jubarte
Humpback Whale watching
In the months of July to October humpback whales can be seen. They arrive in the winter and leave in the beginning of the summer.

Daily Rates

High season and holidays (Dez(c) 1st to Feb 28th)

Flat – R$ 840,00
Upper floor apartment – R$ 620,00
Ground floor apartment – R$ 552,00
Chalet – R$ 430,00

Low Season (March to June / August to November)

Flat – R$ 587,00
Upper floor apartment – R$ 455,00
Ground floor apartment – R$ 356,00
Chalet – R$ 310,00

Mid Season (July)

Flat – R$ 620,00
Upper floor apartment – R$ 488,00
Ground floor apartment – R$ 380,00
Chalet – R$ 335,00

New Year’s day celebration 5 days package (2022/2023)

Flat – R$ 8230,00
Upper floor apartment – R$ 7335,00
Ground floor apartment – R$ 6580,00
Chalet – R$ 5450,00


Flat – R$ 5820,00
Upper floor apartment – R$ 4810,00
Ground floor apartment – R$ 4175,00
Chalet – R$ 3545,00


  • Cama Extra INF (01 CHD 07 a 12 anos): R$ 50,00 with breakfast.
  • Extra bed for Children (above 12 years old) R$100,00 with breakfast.
  • We charge a 10% service rate.
  • Breakfast included in the daily rate.
  • Valid prices for 2 people.
  • We accept credit cards
  • Cancellation Policy


Corumbau Bed & Breakfast is located between Caraíva and Cumuruxatiba on the Coast of the “Discovery of Brazil”. The access road is through Itamarajú (about 400 km from Vitória and 900 km from Rio de Janeiro). In this city, you must go in direction of Prado, a resort about 60km from Itamarajú. 12 Km after Itamarajú in the district of Guarani, to the left is the access road to Corumbau where there is an indicating signpost. From this point onward there is a 50Km dirt road. After some kilometers when you start asking if it‘s worthwhile, then the blue sea from Bahia emerges and you are sure it’s really worth it. Departing from Porto Seguro which is 50Km by sea and 270 Km by land you can rent a boat, van, car, helicopter or a plane.


To request your reservation, fill in the form below (all spaces are mandatory) 48 hours after sending we will contact you via e-mail or telephone for your confirmation.For further information call (73) 99181-3534 / 99181-3004 / 8824-5316 / 9160-6234.

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Booking confirmation shall be made by payment of 50% of the value of the daily rates. Bank of Brazil – Agency: 0019-1 – Checking account number: 15.203-X.